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Photobucket Friday, 28 October 2011 Photobucket
wah... wah...

This post is in Malay, so to those who can't understand or read in Malay, please don't bother. Thank you.

haha~ dah lame sangat tak update blog, sampai dah bersawang dah blog aku nih. huhu..ni la namanye laman sesawang, ye tak? :P Ntah nape harini tetibe je aku rase nak jiwang-jiwang sikit, nak tulis blog in Malay..haha.. So anyway, exam...exam...mau pecah kepala bila fikir pasal exam..physics? chemistry? apekebendenye tuh? tak penah-penah dalam family aku amek subject haprak sebegitu! akulah calon yang pertamanya...sedih..sedih..ape nak buat...mama nak anak dia jadi scientist.. alahai, sebenarnye takde mende pun nak update. Hari-hari aku bangun, mandi, gosok gigi, tuka baju, kemas bilik, study sikit..(sikit je ye) tido sikit..(banyak sebenanye..) main sikit...(laaagi banyak!) makan, etc etc.. rutin harianku sangat-sangatlah membosankan.. huhu.. Oh! haritu gi midvalley. dengan chentahatiku. lol~ dia belikan baju beb... jeles tak? jeles tak? jeles kan? ;P oh, pastu hari tu first time aku pakai shawl. maunye mati aku nak belit-belit mende alah nih. Tapi lame-lame biasela..kan? cheh cheh...tu je sebenanye.. xde mende pun..k..k..bye!

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Photobucket Saturday, 3 September 2011 Photobucket
Raya time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Second blog post! Well, at first I was thinking of shutting my blog down, but I probably won't cause I'm afraid if SOMEONE might kill me for that....Yes! I'm talking about you, STAR! Opps, I mean Moon---yyy or whatever they call you...or what you tell them to call you with..So! yup, I know you'll be very angry if I ever close this blog...even when nobody is reading it...except for you, and me myself. But since I care so much about you, and myself, to never get killed by you, I won't do it.Since you are always whining of how I never write in my blog, I think I'm going to start doing it. In fact, I'm doing it right now...Yeah!  

P/S : Sorry I didn't reply your raya text :p

So, I celebrated raya with my mom, and my sister. It was pretty boring. Nobody came to our house, and my mom was personally happy about it...maybe she was glad because she didn't has to give anyone 'duit raya'.... Well, at least one of the three of us was happy. yup! Me and my sister weren't...nobody came! so nobody gave us 'duit raya'! except for our mom, that is! So you can tell I didn't make big money during raya...Well, we could have visited our relatives, friends and all but they were all celebrating raya at their 'kampung'! So nobody was at their home. There were some of our friends who didn't balik kampung...but we live kinda far from where they live. So we didn't want our mom to drive us there, beside, her car was broken. What a coinkidink, right? Yup, and a stupid one too. Mainly we were upset because we didn't get much money. But then mother reminded us of what raya was all about. And so we made it all clear. I apologized to my mom and sis, and so did they. And I texted dad, apologizing too, and to all of my friends and relatives. And because nobody came to our house, we had to eat those food my mom prepared.   Yes, ALL of them. The instant ketupat, rendang, laksa, and raya cookies. XD Yup, big news, I gain some weights ;p

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Photobucket Sunday, 20 March 2011 Photobucket
Hello y'all!

Lol! I don't know much about blogging, and I don't really like it..cause I don't really go online that much...but...I'll try to write as much and as often as I can... :) Since I'm not a native speaker of English, and I'm not very familiar with that language as much as everyone else is, I might sometime post in my mother tongue,which is Bahasa Malaysia. AKA, Malay. ;) Hope you don't mind. Peace out. Lemons for everyone! :D

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